M11 allows you to know how much you have of something and where it is; it also allows you to know what lots you have as well as when they expire.

M11 effectively brings you the following benefits:

Multiple sites, multiple stockrooms
  • Get access to your inventory in real time, for all sites
  • Define custom alerts for low and critically low stock levels: text messages, emails or automated tasks
Total traceability
  • Use your choice of 2D and 3D barcodes or RFID tags
  • Know who did what and when (reception, removals, transfers, etc.)
Quality Assurance made simple
  • Manage your lots and expiry dates, for easier stock rotation
  • Get warnings when stock rotation is not done correctly
  • Get alerts when products are about to expire and on the day they expire
MSDS / SDS management made easy

Scanning the barcode of a product automatically retrieves the MSDS / SDS for it.

Features included
Usage tracking : used, lost, expired and recalled

The type of product usage is tracked – it allows you to get reports on each type and determine if there are issues.

Chain of cold tracking

With the use of M3 and M4, it becomes possible to track your chain of cold and know, when an abnormal temperature is detected, if any of your products was impacted.

Inspection and product qualification

Get QC certificates and product monographs

Advances product search

Search your inventory for MSDS, for safety instructions, for disposal rules, and more. An easy to use interface allows you to retrieve the information you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.