Task Optimizer

M1 is the heart of the Omni-Assistant. It provides the functionalities that all the other modules use, as it manages tasks, which are called tickets.

Directly put, Omni-Assistant M1 provides you with the following benefits :

Get LEAN - spend less time reviewing tasks

All the tasks that are completed without issues can be signed in batch. The ones with issue are separated and brought to the supervisor’s attention for immediate action.

Total traceability
  • Know who performed the steps of a task, when as well
  • as who reviewed the task, and when
Eliminate paper log sheets

All your tasks are tracked; none can be forgotten. You don’t have to review reams of log sheets anymore.

Tasks reports are now easy

Filter your results the way you see fit, click a button and you have a PDF or Excel report in a few seconds.

Features included
Departments and workbenches structure

The departments and workbenches structure is molded after your own structure; you do not change the way you work. 

Scheduling and assignation tools

Tasks are created and assigned to workbenches or individuals; users take ownership, complete and close them effortlessly.

Task priorities

 A powerful yet flexible system of priorities ensures that each task is duly attended to.


Messages can be sent to workbenches or to individual users. Users that do not have an email address can be conveniently reached with messaging.


Todos (or To Do) are the electronic version of a checklist. Add comments, results, make them mandatory or not, the choice is yours. They completely eliminate your paper log sheets.

Task review

Once a user completes a task, it is sent to the supervisor for review and sign-off. A supervisor can reopen the task, reassign it, schedule a follow-up and more.


Workflows are defined according to your work processes; some tasks could be signed off by a supervisor, sent to QA and finally to the manager, while others could be sent directly to QA. You get to define the way it’s going to be.

Advanced search

The advanced search functions allow you to probe in-depth, compile reports and gets statistics on virtually anything tasks-related.