AP-NEXT is specialized in laboratory optimization and compliance management software.


With labs moving from volume-based to value-based reimbursement, survival depends on your ability to limit and reduce costs, while improving quality and efficiency.  AP-NEXT understands the reality of today’s laboratories and provides them with solutions to face efficiency challenges.


The software solution we offer, the OMNI-ASSISTANT software, is now being used throughout North America by over 100,000 Healthcare professionals.


Labs using the Omni-Assistant software benefit from a complete set of innovative optimization tools, among which:

-       Mathematically Optimized QC (M.O.R.E risk management),

-       Quality Optimizer to compare nonconformity events with peers and reduce CoPQ,

-       Inventory optimization: reducing losses by as much as 60%,

-       Competency management: handling CLIA and CAP 6 competency elements,

-       And, auto-generation of compliance evidences saving hundreds of hours to quality managers.


In order to ensure the best service possible, we dedicate laboratory professionals to the sales and implementation of our solution.  The product specialists that would perform your training and setup assistance have an in-depth knowledge of the lab environment, as they are chemists, lab technologists, microbiologists or biochemists.


Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. 

We hope to have the pleasure to work with your team in the near future.



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